Saarbrücken: Claudia Pfeiffer naturopathic practice

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Saarbrücken: Naturopathic Practice Claudia Pfeiffer Alter Stadtweg 164
66125 Saarbrucken
Tel: 06897/95 22 734
Email: [email protected]

Main areas of activity: In her naturopathic practice, Claudia Pfeiffer offers individually holistic concepts that appeal to body, mind and soul - based on forms of therapy such as Manual therapy (cycle and fertility massage according to Motha / Zart, connective tissue massage, Dorn & Breuss), Spenglersane, Schüßler salts, ear acupuncture, phyto- & aromatherapy, systemic constellation work, CQM (Chinese Quantum Method), etc .; furthermore for the Saarbrücken metropolitan area - in addition to being accompanied by the desire to have children - counseling for pregnant women and accompanying pregnant women, as well as breastfeeding advice, baby clinic consultation and advice on infant nutrition. Workshops and courses for women who want to have children are held regularly.

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