Less government grants for health insurance companies?

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Vice head of the Union parliamentary group Michael Fuchs raises the question of whether the subsidy from the federal government for the statutory health insurance should actually increase. The federal government is supposed to save, is health care now starting?

(20.05.2010) The federal government is looking for austerity measures in the federal budget. Initial proposals make it clear that higher subsidies for statutory health insurance companies are to be stopped. For example, Vice President of the Union parliamentary group Michael Fuchs raises the question of whether subsidies for health insurance companies should continue to rise. This year, the health insurers' deficit is expected to be around 3.1 billion euros.

Experts estimate the expected deficit at 15 billion euros in the coming year and with increasing expenditure by the health insurers. "We have to put the planned increases in the federal subsidy for statutory health insurance to the test," said Union Group Vice-President Michael Meister to the "Rheinische Post". In practical terms, this means that the subsidies for the health insurers should be frozen. The consequence would be that the health insurers' expenses would inevitably be minimized and their income increased. Increases in premiums and reductions in health insurance benefits would be the inevitable consequences. This year, the health insurance companies will receive a tax subsidy of around 15.7 billion euros from the federal government. This already includes a one-off amount of EUR 3.9 billion that was no longer applicable in 2011. (sb)

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