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As of June, AOK insured persons can rate their doctors online on the Internet. This is to provide a high-quality orientation aid for the search for the right doctor.

(2010-05-23) There are already hundreds of rating portals on the Internet. Almost everything can be evaluated, with the focus on the consumer. From June this year, AOK health insurers can now rate their doctors online on the Internet. The results of the evaluations should help other patients to get a comprehensive picture of the qualities of the doctor.

The General Local Health Insurance Fund (AOK) has launched an online evaluation portal on the Internet from June. Around 24 million people insured with AOK can answer around 30 questions in an online catalog. The evaluation questions include, for example, the question of how long the waiting time was and whether the doctor took enough time for an amnesis consultation. The questions should be less about medical evaluations of the treatments and more about the quality of the offer. "Our insured have a great need for reliable information about the quality and the range of doctors," argues the deputy chairman of the AOK federal association, Jürgen Graalmann. With the so-called doctor navigator, the AOK wants to "offer the insured a high-quality orientation aid for the search for the right doctor".

The physician navigator should initially start regionally limited. The first step is to launch the doctor rating portal in Berlin, Hamburg and Thuringia. The first evaluation results will then be published in autumn 2010. According to the initiators, a large amount of data from the results should ensure that assessments of individual doctors cannot be manipulated or falsified. This is to prevent doctors from wanting to put themselves in a positive light or maliciously judging others negatively.

However, the doctor navigator is not seen quite uncritically. Last year, medical representatives had warned of manipulation and abuse. The Federal Data Protection Commissioner Peter Schaar also called for "objectification" of patient ratings. In addition to the doctor navigator, the AOK has also set up an "AOK hospital navigator". Here, too, patients can evaluate the range and quality of clinics. So far, around 200 hospitals from the regions of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Westphalia-Lippe have been listed. By the end of 2010, all federal states and around 1,000 clinics should be available. (sb)

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