Underload makes you sick: the bore-out syndrome

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Being under-challenged at work can make you sick. The syndrome for this is called "bore-out syndrome".

(27.06.2010) Most people know the technical term for being burned out, the "Burn Out Syndrome". Due to the constant excessive demands, the reduction of social contacts and personal interests due to the job, very committed people in particular fall into the burnout trap. The under-challenged syndrome "bore-out" (boredom) is probably not very well known. The Frankfurt psychotherapist Wolfgang Merkle told "Welt Online": "Burn-out is much more respected than complaining about not having enough to do, being misused or not interested in your work".

Symptoms of a boreout.
The symptoms can be very similar to burnout. Most patients complain of headaches, insomnia, inner restlessness, depression, weakening of the immune system and consequently a higher susceptibility to infections. Constant underload in the workplace also causes stress. According to Merkle, women are slightly more prone to this mental illness than men.

Dissatisfaction and boredom increase.
Paradoxically, many patients remain in the dissatisfied situation at work. Those affected try to cover up under-challenged, lack of interest and boredom with supposed work tasks. For example, if a supervisor comes into the room, the person concerned suggests numerous business tasks. When the boss is gone, boredom is turned back to. The reason for persisting in the dissatisfied work structures is the growing lack of demands. The person concerned wants at least to pretend that he is "very much needed", even though he is only given "boring tasks". Basically, however, those affected want challenges, but are considered about useless or boring activities.

The Boreout diagnosis was first reported in a specialist book by Philippe Rothlin and Peter R. Werder in March 2007. In the book, various action strategies were presented that can be used in a boreout. Since then, connections and causes have been discussed in the professional world. (sb)

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