Mediterranean cuisine lowers the risk of heart attack

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Mediterranean cuisine lowers the risk of heart attack

The occasional waiver of meat or animal fats and proteins protects the heart and can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack, reports the German Heart Foundation in Frankfurt. Comparisons between Germany and Mediterranean countries such as Spain or Italy have shown that southern Europeans have a heart attack significantly less often.

Southerners eat healthier The much lower risk of heart attack among people from southern Europe is mainly due to the healthier eating habits, according to the German Heart Foundation. In the Mediterranean, for example, foods such as fish, olive oil and vegetables are regularly on the menu, which contain a lot of fiber and are healthier for the heart than meat, animal fats and proteins. A change in diet could also significantly reduce the risk of heart attack, such as overweight people or diabetics.

Smoking is the main cause of heart attacks The German Heart Foundation also points out that smoking remains the most important risk factor for a heart attack. Here, a healthy diet can only minimally reduce the risk of heart attack. In addition, lack of exercise and too much stress are clear risk factors for a heart attack. The German Heart Foundation advises not only on healthy nutrition, but also on regular physical exercise, and avoiding or coping with stress with targeted relaxation exercises. Small measures can already achieve good effects in everyday life. Eliminating the use of escalators and elevators or the regular use of bicycles, as well as reducing meat consumption and taking into account the recommendations for a balanced diet would be a clear advantage for the cardiovascular system.

Blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar values ​​as an indicator of the heart attack risk It can be determined relatively well from the blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar values ​​whether there is an increased heart attack risk. The German Heart Foundation advises people aged 35 and over to take the free medical check every two years in order to better assess their personal risk of heart attack.

East Germans suffer more frequently from fatal heart diseases On October 1st, the German Society for Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery (DGTHG) and the German Society for Cardiology presented the "Heart Report", in which heart disease is recorded statistically throughout Germany. According to the study, East Germans suffer from fatal heart disease considerably more often than West Germans, with Hamburg, Berlin and Bremen having the lowest, while Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Brandenburg had the highest values. In the reference year of the current “Heart Report” 2008, 56,775 people died from heart disease. (fp, 04.10.2010)

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