Men tend to rely on home remedies

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Men tend to rely on home remedies: three out of four men prefer home remedies instead of taking medication immediately in the event of complaints.

Men tend to use home remedies instead of medication for mild complaints. This was the result of a survey by the polling institute "Forsa", which commissioned the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) to interview women and men about drug consumption in Baden-Württemberg. Three out of four men said that as long as possible, they would rather take home remedies before the family doctor should prescribe medication. The survey was launched as part of the "Men's Health" theme.

Three out of four men in Baden-Württemberg tend to use home remedies for health problems rather than swallowing medicines immediately. In a nationwide comparison, this is by far the highest value, the average is 64 percent. From the perspective of the TK health insurance company, it is commendable not to take medication immediately, but the health insurance representatives also see dangers in it: "Home remedies are sensible, but have their limits in the case of serious illnesses," said Andreas Vogt, head of the TK regional agency in Baden -Wuerttemberg ". The women in Baden-Württemberg are also more inclined to use natural home remedies. However, the national average is not quite as pronounced here as for men (84 to 80 percent).

What are home remedies?
Home remedies are commonly referred to as alternative and natural measures for self-help in the case of harmless health complaints and for their prevention. As a rule, our grandparents knew the right tea for colds or coughs or the right food for diarrhea or nausea, even without a medical degree or training.

However, drug spending has increased
Although many resort to home remedies, drug expenditures continued to increase in the first eight months of this year. According to the Techniker Krankenkasse, expenditure on medicines in the southwest of the Republic alone has increased enormously since the beginning of the year. Statutory health insurance companies have so far spent 2.21 billion euros on drug supply. This is an increase of 2.76 percent compared to 2009. This was the result of an evaluation by the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA). (sb, Oct 29, 2010)

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