Protein developed for cancer therapy

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Innovation Award: Protein developed for cancer therapy

For its research success in the area of ​​cancer therapy, Scil Proteins GmbH in Halle was awarded the IQ Innovation Award 2011 by the Central Germany Economic Initiative. The experts at the biotechnology company have succeeded in developing a protein that, in the context of cancer therapy, enables both an exact localization of the tumors and a more efficient use of the previous chemotherapy agents. Based on the new treatment method, the side effects of cancer therapy can be significantly reduced in the future and the chances of successful healing increase considerably, the jury justified the awarding.

With the help of the protein developed by Scil Proteins GmbH, the diagnosis and therapy of tumors will be significantly improved, said Jörn-Heinrich Tobaben, Managing Director of the Central Germany Economic Initiative at the award ceremony on Tuesday. The IQ Innovation Award 2011 honors the innovative performance of the company, which could help to initiate a new stage in the treatment of tumor diseases worldwide, Tobaben continued. The biotechnology company has succeeded in combining the advantages of chemotherapy with so-called antibody therapy in the newly developed protein Affilin.

Central Germany's economic initiative recognizes innovation performance The development of the novel protein molecule Affilin is one of the greatest successes of the biotechnology company Scil Proteins. The company is currently on the verge of clinical trials and has already registered 150 patents related to the innovative protein molecule, explained the managing director of Scil Proteins GmbH, Dr. Ulrike Fiedler. The research of Scil Proteins GmbH is supported both by the state of Saxony-Anhalt via the Investment Bank Saxony-Anhalt and by the international investor Bionet Ventures. Now the economic initiative Central Germany has the performance of the team around the managing director Dr. Ulrike Fiedler honored with the IQ Innovation Award 2011. According to Scil Proteins, the first pharmaceutical companies are already ready to use the new protein to develop appropriate medicines after the research work has been completed.

Improvement of cancer therapy through bacterially produced protein With the help of bacteria, the researchers at Scil Proteins have succeeded in producing the novel protein molecule affilin, which has a modified surface structure so that the new molecules dock directly onto the cancer cells. In this way, tumors can be localized much better than before. Since Affilin is also able to serve as a means of transport for other active substances, the chemotherapy preparations can be transported directly to the cancer cells and develop their full effect here, according to the Scil Proteins managing director. Since the Affilin molecules are much smaller than the antibodies of previous cancer therapies, they can penetrate into tumors much more deeply and thus ensure an effective fight against cancer cells, the experts at Scil Proteins explain further advantages of their innovation. In addition, healthy cells in the vicinity of the cancer tumor would be spared in this way, which could significantly reduce the risk of side effects, emphasized Dr. Ulrike Fiedler and expressed the hope that "the first drugs could be on the market in a few years". (fp)

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