Doctor steals heroin during surgery from drug courier

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Doctor uses heroin in the stomach of a drug courier during an operation

In the Siberian city of Bogotol, a doctor was supposed to remove heroin from the belly of a drug courier that the man had previously swallowed in capsules so that it could be transported unnoticed. Instead of handing over the heroin to the police, the surgeon is said to have used himself. When he was arrested, the investigators said he was intoxicated with drugs.

Doctor hid heroin in clothes
After the Russian drug courier was caught by the police, several capsules of heroin were discovered during an examination in his stomach. The man was then taken to the hospital, where the drug packages were to be removed during an operation. But instead of handing over the “valuable” stomach contents of the drug courier to the police, the surgeon used heroin himself. When the police searched the man, five grams of the drug were found in his clothing, the Russian investigators said. In addition, the doctor was intoxicated with drugs. Now the heroin thief has to face a 15-year prison sentence for theft and possession of large amounts of drugs.

Heroin is often smuggled with “body packaging” by drug couriers. In Germany, too, drug couriers are repeatedly arrested by the police. The so-called "body packing", the drug smuggling in the body of the couriers, is even practiced with animals. In March, a Latin American gang flew up to smuggle drugs from Mexico to Italy. To do this, they forced large dogs such as Dogue de Bordeaux to swallow drug packages. At the destination, the animals should then be killed and dismantled to get the drugs. The Italian authorities arrested a total of 75 suspects, 49 of whom have to go to court in Italy. The case had caused great horror, especially among animal rights activists. (ag)

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