Disagree quickly if the care level is wrong

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The level of care can be contradicted

If you need support with everyday things due to illness or a disability, you can apply for a so-called care level and the associated services such as personal hygiene or household care. The medical service of the health insurance companies (MDK) carries out the classification into one of the three possible levels. However, if the report does not meet the expectations of the person concerned, an objection should be filed as quickly as possible, because then a second report will be drawn up.

Classification is done by the medical service of the health insurance companies
If people are dependent on everyday help due to physical, mental or mental illness or disability, a care level can be applied for, which includes different levels of benefits depending on level (I, II or III). Depending on the needs, those in need of care are assigned to one of the three levels by the Medical Service of the Health Insurance Funds (MDK) - but this is often not done to the satisfaction of those affected.

Do not accept the report tacitly However, the report does not have to be accepted tacitly, instead there is the possibility to file an objection. This should, however, take place within four weeks on the advice of Heike Nordmann, the managing director of the Kuratoriums Deutsche Altershilfe (KDA), because then the MDK would make a second home visit in order to have another assessor carry out a new classification, according to the expert to the news agency "dpa".

If the contradiction is unsuccessful, a complaint can be filed with the social court. The Consumer Advice Center North Rhine-Westphalia also advises those in need of care and relatives if they disagree with the classification by the MDK, but instead see a higher nursing and housekeeping need. Those affected should make sure that they also have all medical documents and, if possible, a nursing diary with detailed information on the daily activities available so that the new appraiser can get a comprehensive picture of the situation. If the opposition does not lead to success, those affected can then file a complaint with the social court - the consumer advice center advises that a lawyer check in advance whether legal aid can be granted. (No)

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